Mark 2  free to use binoculars

Free-to-use Binoculars Mark 2 with the half round base

The Mark 2 Binocular is free-to-use and has an optic power of 8 X.

This viewer is ideal for cafes, observation outposts and where a free-to-use service is desired.

The durability and ease of operation make this an ideal choice;
there is virtually no maintenance.

The factory set focus combines with great stability to provide ease of observation over long distances with no time constraint.

The Mark 2 with a half round base (shown above) has a small footprint thus allowing plenty of room for seating if mounted on a deck or indoors. Being quite light it is often used with the pedestal and no base.   Base information here

Seecoast Mark 2  free-to-use  binoculars

Height: 1.47 meters
Weight: 16 kg
Castings: 356 Alum. Alloy
Column: Stanchion 6.5 cm diameter
Standard Base: 25 cm diameter (no step).  (A step base is available).
Width: 30 cm
Length: 46 cm
Housing Movement: 360˚ rotation, 33˚ up and 45˚ down
Power: 8 X 40; 367' at 1000 yards
Field of View: 111 metres at 915 metres

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